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1 on January 12, 2017

Is there a better explanation on how to
Use the bio grow , bio bloom and top max? I get the feeding Callander just not how much nutrients I need to add to water…. I really don’t wanna burn my plants 🙂

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0 on March 15, 2017

You can download the nutrient schedule in the download-section.

These drops (depending on the substrates that u’re using (lightmix, allmix, other stuff)) are the amount of nutrients that you have to mix with the water, so let me show you a little example:

We are using LightMix and we have to feed them with a little bit of nitrogen, so we have to use the BioBizz Bio-Grow.

We are in the third flowering week, if we watch on the chart we can see 3 of the black drops, one drop means 1ml Grow in 1l of Water, we have 3 drops, so you have to mix 3ml of Bio-Grow with 1l of water.

So step by step:

  1. search the product you want to use
  2. look on to the correct site (allmix left, lightmix right)
  3. search the week in there the plants are growing
  4. count the drops (1drop = 1ml/l water)
  5. mix it and be happy




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